A What sets Italian charm bracelets apart from other types of jewellery is that you can customise your bracelet to reflect your personality, hobbies and interests. For example, someone who loves flowers, their grandchildren, animals or who likes to travel, can add these themed charms to the bracelet. Unlike the classic charm bracelets, Italian charm bracelets are created entirely out of the individual links. Each link connects to the adjacent links making up the entire bracelet. The links can be taken on and off the bracelet to move the patterns around as new charms are added. More than one Italian charm bracelet may be worn at a time. Double-banded Italian charm bracelets can be made by using a size 18mm charm link in the center of two bracelets.
There are a couple of ways 1 You can begin with a "Starter Bracelet", and add links at your leisure or even request a link as gifts from friends or family! There are hundreds of fabulous designs available from my store. 2 Purchase one of our already predesigned bracelets and add more links at your leisure. 3 We specialise in putting your photo/s onto the links so the bracelet is personalised for you (see Personalised Category) – let your bracelet tell your story. If you prefer personalised and you don't have a Starter Bracelet one will need to be purchased for you to add your links onto the bracelet.
Please see sizing chart below. Average starter bracelet is 18 links. If you need a larger bracelet than your starter, by purchasing 2-3 decorative links (depending on your size wrist) it will take your bracelet to a larger size. If you purchase a pre-designed bracelet from us, and you require more plain links for a larger size wrist please request bracelet for a larger size wrist and we will add links for you.
Italian Charm bracelets are completely adjustable, so you can add & subtract links as needed
Each link has a spring loaded mechanism that slides open and unhooks easy just using your fingers, so replacing charms or changing their order is a snap. No tools required! Every purchase receives easy to follow instructions. However, some people do prefer to use a Charm Tool which are available in my store. This makes it even easier and saves your fingers and nails!
Yes! all our charms are compatible with all major authentic Italian Charm brands such as Nomination, Zoppini, Unodomani, Mudd, Pugster, Uberry, Boxing, Disney, Puzzle, etc.
A pre-design or pre-order is a design my partner and myself have put together which is not held in stock. A pre-order will need to be ordered from our manufacturer in China and sent to you direct which takes approx 2-3 weeks
Style No. of Links Approx. size Cms Approx. size Inches Toddler 14 13.08 5.1 Child's 15 14.06 5.5 Youth 16 15.04 5.9 Lady’s - Small 17 16.02 6.3 Ladies - Medium 18 17.0 6.7 Ladies - Large 19 17.98 7.1 Ladies - Extra Large 20 18.96 7.5 Ladies - XX Large Men’s - Medium 21-22 20.03 8.0 Ladies Medium fits average sized wrist Any questions we will happily answer